GLOCK G44 Compact Semi-Auto Pistol




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GLOCK 44 for sale Compact Semi-Auto Pistol

New model unadulterated glock 44 for sale. The inventive plan of the glock 44 magnum for sale Compact Semi-Auto Pistol is GLOCK’s first half breed steel-polymer slide chambered for the .22-cal. round. This gives it a normally low force for complete control and simpler subsequent shots. With its minimal plan and backstrap flexibility, it’s ideal for practically any hand size. The G44 gun comes furnished with the GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB) for first class exactness and repeatable accuracy. The Safe Action® framework flaunts 3 programmed freely working safeguards that give predictable trigger pulls. Customizable back sights. Incorporates two 10-round magazines.

Maker model #: 119218.


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